Celebrate the sun with these summer rituals

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The fresh scent of summer is here and what better reason is there to celebrate life. One of the core beliefs at Hippa is the ode to the expression and rituals that help us recognise the beauty of the life and energy that we constantly receive. The expression of our bodies helps us to live more in the present and enter the zone. Also referred to as a mental and physical state that envelopes someone completely in the present moment.  Experiencing such a state makes life more meaningful, enriching and humane. So, to celebrate the coming of summer we have listed some of our favourite rituals to enjoy the season.

Summer Solstice

Before diving into our rituals we would like to dedicate a section to an important moment in the changing of seasons. The Summer Solstice. The moment of the year when there is the most light available to us. Also, a time to reflect on your personal growth and the meaning of the season of light and growth In terms of consciousness, it is when we are the most present to ourselves and who we know ourselves to be — the Sun represents the light of all life and the consciousness that it shines upon. Seeds are planted in the soil on the Earth as well as the seeds of our souls. It’s a time of renewal and abundance, a time of love and expansion, as the summer sun unfolds the leaves on the trees, so do our souls open to receive the light of source to illuminate that which is within each of us.

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Creating a ceremony or celebration has been a way for humans to acknowledge the life force energy within us from the beginning of time. It allows us to appreciate the energy and blessings that we are always receiving. The word “Solstice” is derived from the Latin words “Sol” and “systere”, meaning “Sun” and “standing still.”  The Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Following this Solstice, the days get shorter, the nights longer. 

There are endless rituals that you can make to celebrate this season, as during summer we are more social and still have all our routine obligations, we've selected simple and easy rituals that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Walks through nature 

With the sun raining down a way ray of pleasantness, the trees in full bloom and many animals that go about their way it is a perfect time to reconnect with nature. Walk outside without goal, intention or while listening to a podcast related to your work. This time a walk will simply be a walk. Observe your surroundings and appreciate all the processes nature goes through to keep the planet balanced, every day it’s there in the background and we hardly observe it. By closely observing forests and parks you will see a world full of detail, music, life and beauty, you simply have to watch. Besides finding more appreciation for the natural world around you will also help with reducing stress and clarity of mind.

Sun Meditation

The sun is at its strongest during the summer solstice, and it can be an energising experience to use that heat to light your inner fire. Meditation is a wonderful practice that helps you soak up the present moment and simply sit to appreciate it. The sun’s rays warming you up during meditation creates an incredibly rewarding experience as you are more connected to your senses. 

Feel your feet in the fresh grass, notice the smell of the flowers, and the sound of rustling trees. Find a spot to lie on your back or sit down in the sun. Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. As you breathe, observe your surroundings and appreciate the powerful, Solstice sun shining on you. 

If meditation is not your cup of tea, you can also simply sunbathe and enjoy the warmth of the sun. The point is to lay still and enjoy the present moment.

Give to your loved ones 

Another form of appreciation during the summer is the act of surprising your friends, family or lover. They are part of your universe and are there for you when you need them. So, the summer solstice is a perfect time to give them some extra love. Make delicious homemade treats and deliver them, write a card to express your gratitude or buy a beautiful gift. You can also lend a hand to a friend to continue to flow of love and appreciation.

Eat outside

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Dine on your balcony or garden,  leave the office to have a sandwich in the park, or schedule a happy hour with friends on a terrace. Spending time outdoors helps you to slow down as it has been proven to reduce heart rate, and blood pressure, lowering stress hormones and ease muscle tension. What better to dine with your friends with the sound of the birds and scents of the flowers to complement your food.  

Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables

Another one of our favourite activities to do during the summer is walking through fresh fruits and vegetable markets. It’s a great opportunity to get lost in the stands looking at the seasonal harvests and experiencing the commotion of the market. If you are not sure what’s in season ask the market stand owner and he will proudly tell you all about it. Besides learning a thing or two about seasonal fruits you’ll get to hear amazing stories from someone who loves to talk, and yes market stand owners do. 

Besides the enjoyable walk, you also do your health and the planet a service. Fruits and vegetables in season spend less time from farm to table, so they maintain much of their nutrition and flavour. Usually, antioxidants like folate, Vitamin C, and carotenes rapidly decline when stored for a longer period of time. When it comes to the planet’s health the amount of emissions with this short supply chain is significantly lower and thus more planet-friendly. 

Cold showers

Our final summer ritual is an act of appreciation but also a serious challenge. Cold showers have been a big talk in the scientific community in recent years. Apparently, they have a significant impact on your health in terms of improving circulation, building resistance and even increasing willpower. For us, it is more than that. A cold shower is a way to be absorbed in the absolute sense of the present. At first, it might feel as torture but once you break through the barrier you will be enveloped in pure bliss, creativity and abundance of energy. 

There are several ways to approach a cold shower. You can start warm and finish of the last minute by turning it all the way to cold or if you want the full experience start cold straight away. In both ways, there will be several moments where you will tend to turn it off but we recommend staying for at least 1 minute, after that it will be a walk in the park.

Besides the sense of appreciation for yourself and the willpower of pushing through a difficult task there are several scientifically-proven benefits that we wish to share with you.

Increases endorphins

The cold water sends electrical impulses to your brain to warn you of the sudden change in temperature. They jolt your system to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels to deal with the sudden change. Endorphins, which are sometimes called happiness hormones, are then released. After the cold wears down and we are in a stable temperature again we will be rewarded with a feeling of well-being, energy and optimism.

Improves circulation

It can feel uncomfortable to immerse our bodies in cold water, but it can also be invigorating. That’s because water that’s colder than our natural body temperature causes the body to work harder to maintain its core temperature. When taken regularly, cold showers can make our circulatory system more efficient. Athletes have known this benefit for years, even if we have only recently seen data that supports cold water for healing after a sports injury. It’s the same reason that ice brings down inflammation when we bruise or tear a muscle. 

kaars licht zon candle scents rituals

Helps fight off common illnesses

Our bodies are designed to become resistant to the elements we are exposed to. The shock of cold water in the bloodstream stimulates leukocytes, which help fight infections. This means that taking cold showers can help your resistance to common illnesses, like colds and the flu. One study even indicated that cold showers could make the body more resistant to certain types of cancer. And a clinical trial in the Netherlands showed that people who took cold showers called in sick to work less.

Increased willpower

It takes a strong mind to endure the cold for extended periods of time. By incorporating cold showers into your daily routine, you are strengthening your willpower as one of the first activities will be a pretty difficult one, after this, you can handle almost anything! This mindset can make other obstacles seem less daunting and therefore less stressful.

Enjoy the sun

We hope that we highlighted a summer ritual for you that has you appreciate the present moment and all the elements that contribute to the quality of your life. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@hippashop.com