Hippa beliefs

Hippa was founded on the premise to ground mindfulness and aromatherapy, making it digestible, conscious and educative. Advocating to insert little and simple habits that will bring a positive impact on people’s well being.

At Hippa, we do not want to romanticise mindfulness. Instead, we believe that you are one with all your senses, finding stability in a busy and social life, but also drinking that ‘last’ glass of wine that you perhaps should not have.

And that is okay…

At our core

We cherish the fact that we all strive for betterment and the pursuit of our dreams, but along the way, we sometimes get lost and lose touch with our inner selves. With the help of powerful scents and a mindful approach to life, Julia, our founder, found her way back from an unrewarding and stressful existence. After recovery, she now embodies the mission of helping others facing a similar faith.

To do this, we have carefully crafted the scents that embody our fragrances and tailored them to kick you back, right here in the present, enjoying the little things in life and reconnecting with your senses. And we know you might need a little reminder from time to time, as the power-woman and social bee that you are. All our essentials are hand-crafted from non-toxic and natural ingredients so the impact of our operations does not come at the cost of our planet, its inhabitants or you.

So, to hone our mission: helping you find more balance in a challenging life, we created 4 cornerstones to keep reminding ourselves of the reason why we exist.       

  • Toxic-free and 100% natural

    We take the time to carefully select our ingredients to create scents that help you breathe at no cost to the planet, its inhabitants or you.

  • Purpose driven suppliers

    We source our raw materials from ethical suppliers that are aligned with our mission and committed to making a positive environmental impact in the supply chain they are inserted in.

  • Consciously handmade

    We capitalised handmade because we truly believe in the expression with our bodies. It makes life meaningful, enriching and human.

  • Educate, inspire and improve

    By constantly reassessing our operations we aim to improve the quality of life of all beings. From seed to store, throughout our entire supply chain and until the product has reached our customers hands.