The power of scents

Welcome to the world of aromatic powers. The human sense of smell is the strongest among all of our 5 senses. In modern times we have forgotten the utmost importance of scents.  

At Hippa, we work with craft masters with whom we have developed our four scents, each one with its own uniqueness, abilities and natural origin.  

We have highlighted below the qualities for you to determine which one is in harmony with your life.

Why scents matter

Scents bring back memories and emotions, carry you into a different atmosphere, and set the mood of the ambient, to make a house smell like home. The act of lighting a candle is an act of self-love and an ode the present moment. In a life where we give it all to become the best version of ourselves we need a space to wind down and to ease our senses.

By exposing yourself to natural scents you not only make a conscious move but also empower your body with herbs that have been used for over thousands of years to create unique healing abilities.

Our essentials are all named in Portuguese, and each scent consists of a flower and a number. The numbers were chosen by a numerologist (numerology is a study about the numbers and the energy behind them). So each scent has a number that expresses the energy of the blend and its purpose. 

Each scent was intentionally created to be a powerful tool for today's women. Botanica boosts the energy required to pursue their dreams and spikes the feeling of a well-balanced life. Serena is for those who want to develop their spiritual and tranquil-vibe side of life. Loba is the expression of feminine intuition and sensuality essence. And Saudade is the different aspects of love emanating in their lives.


Botanica means botany, it is a fresh and uplifting scent. With notes of green tea, lemon and rosemary, the purpose of this scent is to brighten up the atmosphere of a place by bringing mental clarity, grounding and a sense of clean and refreshed air.

This is the scent number 8, the number associated with balance and good energy..

Top notes: green tea, minty, lemon
Heart notes: rosemary, jasmine, nutmeg
Base notes: wood, musk

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Serena means serene and it is a calming, warming and relaxing scent. With notes of Italian bergamot, lavender, and sandalwood. This scent is ideal for inner-work, yoga, meditation, and bedtime rituals.

This is the scent number 7, a number associated with
spirituality and connection.

Top notes: lemon, Italian bergamot
Heart notes: muguet, rose, lavender
Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli, amber, sweet musk

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Saudade is a Portuguese word with no direct translation that describes the feeling of missing someone or something. With notes of Sicilian citrus, amber & tobacco, this scent is a masculine and woody scent inspired by the distant memories of love.

Saudade is the number 12, the numerical representation of
time and the gift of love.

Top notes: Sicilian citrus
Heart notes: floral rose, tobacco
Base notes: musk, amber

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Loba means "female wolf" and is a combination of aphrodisiac notes of Tonka, myrrh and floral musk. Inspired by the book "women who run with the wolves", this scent connects with the feminine intuition, sacred feminine energy, and empowerment.

Loba is scent number 5, associated with abundance, movement and freedom. 

Top notes: lemon
Heart notes: myrrh, magnolia
Base notes: earthy, floral musk, patchouli, tonka, amber

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